Friday, September 21, 2007

i blame facebook

- it has caused the death of this blog.
- i can't stay away from it for even a day.
- i am addicted to bogglific.
- i reload my home page to look at all the updates several times a day.
- it's kept me from focusing on my work more than a few times.
- there is sooooo much crap to explore!
- i have full-blown conversations about facebook outside the cyber realm.

i quite like my room on facebook so far. *beam*

aren't the cats cute?? i'm thinking of what to name them. ebony & ivory? haha. so cliche.

send me items to add to my room!!

damn those drop-out college kids.

i am really looking forward to my trip in two weeks. it may be just langkawi, but anywhere with sun, sand and sea is better than nothing. it was originally going to be phuket... until the plane crash.

really. why would that deter anyone? it's not like they crash all the time. you could be flying to anywhere and crash!

on the other hand, weather reports say it's raining almost everyday in phuket now. so i'm not so sore about it. besides... i'm going in november. hurray!! alvin and i finally made our holiday a reality. after a year of prodding, poking and whining.

"babe! when are we going for a holiday?"
"hmmm... end of the year, we'll go."

"baaaabe. when are we going away for a holiday?"
"we'll go after chinese new year okay? when perhentian island is open."

"we still haven't gone on our holiday yet!!"
"oh ya. err... we'll go in june or july."

"ok. WE REALLY NEED TO GO ON A HOLIDAY!! i'm going to go insane!! i need a tan, damn it!"
"you can plan and i'll go."

-_- wtf.

and so i did. and we are finally going.

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