Wednesday, December 05, 2007

hellooooo? helloooo? helloooo?

i hear myself echoing in the emptiness. it's like stepping into an abandoned house.

i don't know where to start, so i'll just start with today.

on the way to lunch, LoudMel and i were walking down a sloped road to her car. we were happily trotting away until my shoe lost grip and i slipped and fell. i managed to stub and scrape my toes, my knee and my hands.

i felt like a small kid. quite the embarassings.

when was the last time YOU fell down? when you were a kid, you'd be happy if you got through a day without scrapes and bruises. i almost forgot what it was like to fall. i guess i've just been reminded.

moral of the story- don't buy vincci shoes unless you want to embarass yourself.

throughout the year, i've been complaining i needed a holiday.

in the last two months, i've been on four trips. it's depressing to know that the stint is over. =( no holiday til february. hee hee. off to krabi!!

first it was langkawi. then siem reap. then phuket. then singapore.

a whole year has gone by so quickly and before we know it, it's almost christmas!! not forgetting my birthday will be coming up.

so many birthdays have been and gone without me even realising it. to all whose birthdays i have missed... i'm so sorry. you know what i'm like with dates. so i can't expect everyone to bother with mine either. i need an organiser.

just for fucks, i'm going to post up a wishlist. since i know no one really reads this site anymore, it's more an inventory for myself... and the few stragglers still loitering around. =p

all i want for christmas/birthday:

• air asia travel vouchers for next yr's travel stint
• ikea vouchers to furnish my room in the new house
• sexy new underwear for a sexy new year
• a new job i'll love
• ipod touch
• lots of yummy food
• lots of good memories


some random photos from the various trips


mum, my grandmother and paul

criss-cross waves

he liked chilling by the jacuzzi

siem reap

beautiful. they were all over the place.

the rooms at hotel de la paix

on our way to see the floating village

welcome to angkor wat

why can't we have architecture this beautiful in our country? oh. because they keep demolishing the buildings.

within the walls of the temple

me trying to look demure.


entrance to burasari

alvin has no problems going into holiday mode

on our way out to do some island hopping

jack and rose on titanic

canoeing into the caves

it was like a scene from LOTR

we arrived at james bond island

the infamous james bond island

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