Friday, December 07, 2007

digital flasher

a few mornings ago, i logged into msn. Ons messaged me.

ons: guess what happened?
me: what?
ons: i added someone on msn and it was this guy. he said he was gay and he turned on his webcam and showed me his giant albino snake (eg. cock)
me: hahaha serves you right. who asked you to simply add people?
ons: i thought it might be a hot chick ma...
me: -_- idiot

so. beware who you add on msn, people. we don't just have to worry about flashers on the street anymore. we now have new age flashers.

the digital flashers.

fortunately, we can avoid this from happening by adding only people you are SURE you know. too bad we can't hit a delete button for all the dodgy people we see on the streets. hmmm... then again. alot of my friends might go missing then. =p

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