Sunday, January 13, 2008

two zero zero eight

christmas is gone. new year is gone. but chinese new year is coming up full speed ahead!

i never make resolutions, but this year, i felt compelled to make one. i need to start kickboxing again. i can barely walk up a flight of stairs without panting like a dog on heat. how like that? so i'm dragging donkey back to TNT with me next week.

last thursday, alvin, eddie, charlotte and i went down to melaka. i've been wanting to do a food journey for ages, so we took advantage of awal-muharram (does anyone know what it is?). but we realised, there's only so much you can fit into your stomach in one day. one day is just not enough. we need TWO!!

we satisfied our tastebuds with pong-teh, sambal kangkung, assam fish, otak-otak, devil curry, cincalok omelette and sago gula melaka for lunch. the day was punctuated with completely un-malaccan snack food. dinner came and we stuffed ourselves with satay celup. i had 8 sticks of cockles. i had to stop myself from eating anymore or face the wrath of the lao sai god.

it was awesome. next time on the menu - chicken rice balls & ikan bakar.

i've resigned. finally. after months of dragging it out. i'm now standing at a crossroad.

no, wait. i'm at a t-junction. i can't decide between continuing design or try my hand at writing instead. perhaps i shall just do both, if my job allows it. either way, i'm still looking at putting my foot in the door of the fashion industry.

not much time left to get my act together or i'll be unemployed come march. eek. can't afford that.


commonjack said...

back @ tnt - yah right. i wanna see that. :)

as for the job hunt - g'lucks!

lisha said...

ye of li'l faith