Wednesday, December 26, 2007

antsy pantsy

i find three wandering around.

at first i thought i was imagining things.

surely not. it can't be. it's just a coincidence.

and another one comes out. and another. and, oh, there. another one.

okay. wat the hell. i've got ants coming out of my laptop. i'm not kidding.

why the fuck do i have ants coming out of my laptop? i'm guessing it's getting a bit hot in there and they're all coming out to escape the furnace. i'm a little worried.

they don't tell you in the handbook, wat to do if ants start to live in your laptop.

*sigh* the strangest things happen to me sometimes.


woofworks said...

stop eating when ur at ur laptop~
might help!

lisha said...

haha but i don't!!

deadwards said...

I had a similar problem, but it was my alarm clock that they decided to make their new home.