Friday, January 18, 2008

smooth as silk

i'm being really productive at work today, as you can tell. i've been going through sites like glamourpuss princess and frockshop.

makes me miss shopping in melbourne like hell. and it makes me want to kick myself for not buying silk when i was in siem reap last yr. why, oh why, did i not just pick up all that lovely raw silk?

you walk into any store now and look at the price tag of any silk top. you won't find anything for under rm300! at RM30/metre, i could've made ten tops for rm300 (coz everyone knows i don't wear much material)! *banging head on desk*

the next trip i make up north, i'll be prepared with sufficient funds to buy a whole luggage worth of silk, jewellery & clothes. *nodding head confidently*

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