Saturday, January 19, 2008


i just bought season one of girls next door. for those who haven't heard of it, girls next door revolves around the lives of hugh hefner's girlfriends and their lives in the oh-so-famous Playboy mansion.

i just finished watching the first disc. my brain hurts after watching it. after each episode, you need to take a five minute break or i swear, you'll start talking like them. it's incredibly brainless. the things they say really crack me up.

"people laugh at my sleep diet."
"what's a sleep diet?"
"you sleep. and when you're sleeping, you don't think about eating. you skip breakfast. you skip lunch. you wake up and you're skinny!"

*bang head on table*

i went to get my blood test done this morning, which was way overdue. i completely forgot i had to do a urine test as well. so i didn't bother drinking any water before leaving the house.

they gave me the container and showed to me to the toilet. it was a squat toilet. i drank one glass of water (which is alot by my standards). in i went.

five minutes later, out i came.

"can we do the blood test first? i can't pee."

after he took my blood, i gave it another try. i drank TWO more glasses of water. in i went.

ten minutes later, i came out.

"i still can't pee!! this is all i have!" i waved the container around, swirling the pitiful amount of urine in it.

"umm... i think it should be enough," the guy looked at me in amusement.

since last weekend, i've developed some weird itchy bumps all over my mid-torso down to my thighs. they look like bites and they itch like hell at night. at first, there were only a few. now they're spread all over!

i need to get rid of it quick before i go to PD and Krabi! imagine me strutting around in an itsy bitsy bikini, displaying my lovely rashes. i don't think people will appreciate the exhibition, somehow.


a||y said...

Babes, if you didn't get Bryan's bday theme, its was a 5-star party... Porn Star, Sports Star, Rock Star, Movie Star or TV Star... Bryan was Heff and Mili, Jessie and I were his bunnies... I was #1, Holly of course :P. I love that show, it's just so ridiculously dumb and entertaining!

lisha said...

ooooooooohhhhhhhh. now it makes sense. lol. all i saw was a whole jumble of strange outfits. hahaha