Thursday, May 22, 2008

from industry to industry

i never thought i'd say it but...

i miss advertising.

or at least, certain aspects of it:
  • waltzing in anytime before 10.30am without feeling guilty
  • running around the office like maniacs barefooted
  • sneaking off to tea time with my boss and colleagues any time of the day
  • extended lunches anywhere and everywhere
  • being surrounded by party animals including the BIG BOSS
  • having a family-like group of people to work with
  • brainstorming and freedom to conceptualise (within certain restrictions)
  • yelling at servicing for no real reason (but they know it's just a bit of fun)
but i certainly don't miss:
  • working ungodly hours
  • being chucked job briefs at 6pm and having to stay back all of a sudden
  • having servicing calling me up and saying, "i'm coming over now!"
  • stupid clients with shit for brains giving dumbass feedback
  • being caught up in a net of politics
  • running around like a headless chicken trying to complete mock-ups which were due an hour ago
well... every job has its ups and downs. but in the end, i realise being happy with your work environment really makes a shitty job that much more tolerable.

i miss my y&r family!!

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