Wednesday, May 21, 2008

of the cute and the awesome

first of all, i just HAVE to share this with you. it is just absolutely adorable!

his name is pito and he travels around carrying a backpack with his owner. isn't he absolutely adorable? too cool for felines.

i wonder what's inside the backpack though. food? ipod? or maybe it's his own pet! like a hamster or something. haha.

eddie, charlotte, alvin and i went up to genting for xlive. i didn't expect much out of it. the thing that i was most excited about were the free rides all night long!

it turns out i wasn't the only one. the number of people queuing up and giggling like small kids for the rides just proves that everyone wants to be a kid again.

met up with foong and TY at the scene. a bunch of my ex-colleagues were there too. the music was awesome. it brought back memories of our partying days back in melbourne.

i thought i'd gotten over the stage of being able to listen to dance music without any 'substances'. the music was so good, i felt like indulging and bringing myself back to uni days. but i didn't.

then came missy elliots performance. one word.


she was great with the crowd and totally down to earth. one of the best performers i have seen so far. despite having had her flight delayed, flying 23 hours, travelling from KLIA to genting AND got a punctured tyre on the way up, she was all bouncy and energetic.

a true pro performer.

after everything closed, we headed down to mcDs on the way back to the hotel. a bunch of people were yelling, singing and dancing. only after awhile, we realised it was missy elliott and her troop.

R E S P E C T to missy E.

i'm waiting to leech pics from TY so i can post them up. =D

two and a half more days til the weekend. YES!!

then it's time to start moving house. urgh.

edit :: the thing about missy e's flight being delayed and the tyre puncture were lies. alvin conned all our asses... except i only just found out. -_-

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