Friday, May 09, 2008

the lady joiner returns!!

oh yeah baby... i'm off to bangkok again! it's become a yearly tradition now.

well, i guess there's no better way to learn lady joiner skills than learn it from the country of its origin. this time it'll be cam, hunter soon and myself. a fraction of the old melbourne crew.

there's room for one more, if anyone wants to join.

here are some photos from my last trip...

awesome thai & italian restaurant which served yummy mojitos

me and my lovelies - ally & cam

anti-pasto at zanotti

the DFSes at Vertigo Sky Bar (Banyan Tree)

partying at slims in costume

places i MUST visit:
pratunam market
suan lum night market
zanotti for awesome italian food
thong lor

things to eat:
larb gai (mince chicken salad)
som tam (green papaya salad)
tom kha gai
red duck curry
lime minced pork noodles
beef noodles


a||y said...

I WANT TO GO TOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :(((( Have fun lovely lady joiner! Think of me when you're at Urban Retreat, Slims, Suan Lum...


lisha said...

oh please. you'll be busy carving up the snow!! =p

would be a whole lot more fun if u could join us =(