Sunday, May 11, 2008

and running running and running running

this morning, i received a call from my stepmum.

"hey, your dad is thinking of painting your room light yellow."
"NOOOOO!! no no no!! i want to buy my own colours!"
*yells off into a distance* "see!! i told you she wouldn't want yellow!"
"can i just buy my own paint and pass it to the painters?"
"i guess so. but you have to give them the colours today."
"today?!?!" -_-

they love doing this last minute shit to me.

eddie and charlotte picked me up for lunch in ss2 and i dragged them off to the paint shop. had to rush because charlotte had an appointment to get her feet nibbled by fish in bangsar.

finally found the light mocha & light blue i wanted and got the guy to mix the colours for me. i dragged alvin to the new house so i could test the paint colour on the walls.

the blue turned out okay. the mocha... was a total failure. it looked more like the colour of lao sai!! instead of a nice cool mocha, it came out slightly yellow ochre-ish. totally out. so i gave the painter a colour swatch and told him to match the colour.

i'm crossing all my toes and fingers now hoping it will turn out alright. or else my dad's never going to let me live it down. he'll be taunting me with "see? you should have just let me paint it yellow."

speaking of lao sai... alvin's extended family booked 3 tables for jap buffet at kin no uma (palace of the golden horses). i think i got a little greedy and had one too many oysters. i'm paying the price now through my asshole. literally.

i witnessed the worst proposal in history. lizi's fiance had to propose to her in front of the entire family at dinner. talk about pressure. it took him about 10 minutes of everyone taunting and teasing him.

"faster la heng tong! get it over and done with so we can eat!"
"shy a? what's so hard? faster put the ring on her finger!"

lizi eventually got tired of waiting.

"oi! faster la. i want to show my aunties the ring."
"which hand do i put it on?"
"this one!" she puts out her left hand.
"you sure a?"
"this hand la. are you going to propose or not?"
heng tong opens his mouth, "lizi, you have to marry me."
"yea la, i have no choice," she replied.

-_- i thought patrick's proposal was bad.

i poked alvin.

"you'd better not propose like that." *killer glare*

it's 1.23am and alvin is running in the mock night marathon to train for singapore's sundown marathon end of the month. damn semangat.

and while he's busy doing that, i'm off to bed. muahaha.

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