Thursday, May 29, 2008

pigging out at el cerdo

cam, mei yin, soon wei, alvin and i celebrated jin min's bday at el cerdo on changkat bukit bintang on sat night, recommended by soon wei.

a very animated soon wei

i was told it was a spanish restaurant so, naturally, i was expecting tapas, paella and sangrias. so shoot me for having stereotyped all spanish restaurants. how was i to know it would be a pork affair?

the first thing i noticed were pig statues greeting me at the entrance. how cute. i found myself suddenly wondering whether i had stumbled upon a chinese restaurant instead. after all, show me a malaysian chinese whose face doesn't light up at the mere mention of 'pork'.

i felt like a kid in a candy store as i looked at all the pork dishes available on the menu.

pork! pork! oh look, more pork!!

i kept forgetting to take pics of the dishes coz i was ravenous and scoffed everything down before i realised. oops.

our menu:

green pea soup with smoked kassler ham


hickory smoked pork soft ribs


roasted suckling pig

rum & raisin pancake

complimentary dessert

bottle of red wine

by the time the suckling pig came, i was rather over-porked and salad started to look more appealing.

the bill came up to rm880+ between six people. O_O my jaw dropped.

i have to say my favourite part was definitely the ribs. it was lip smackingly awesome. not to mention the injection of spanish customs like breaking plates for good luck and serving dessert by order of age/importance.

mei yin obliging me with a half-smile

soon wei, JM & mei yin

what an uncanny resemblance

"who should i give it to first?"

happy & well fed birthday boy

el cerdo is definitely an experience.

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Huei said...

heyyy how r u? nice running into u here! =)

a very Happy belated Birthday to Jin Min! =)