Thursday, June 05, 2008

i've got a penis

i'm serious. i do. i told alvin about it on msn.

lisha: i have a penis
lisha: really baby
alvin: uh oh
lisha: but it's kinda small...
alvin: oh well
alvin: looks like u dont need a local object anymore
lisha: wat should i do with it?
alvin: tuck it in somewhere
lisha: is that what you do?
alvin: i was born with it
lisha: true true... well... mine is really hard. it's like wood. it's brown too...
alvin: thats wierd, cos u are a fair girl
alvin: hmm this is truly a mystery

lisha: indeed....
lisha: my colleague gave me a penis keychain from bali
i've got an imported woodie
alvin: so it is a foreign object

only he can layan my nonsense. because he's full of even more nonsense!!

speaking of nonsense... i had a truly nonsense dream a couple of nights ago.

i caught a man who had somehow violated a girl. i caught him with every intention of getting revenge on her behalf. i tied him to a chair and the girl sat next to him as i cut off his ears, hacking away slowly. i threw them aside and he yelled "i can't hear! i can't hear!"

gee. really?

i simply laughed at him and was thoroughly enjoying myself. i cut out plastic ears from cups and placed it over where his ears were, as makeshift ears.

sick, bizarre, psycho dream. probably my all my repressed anger bubbling up in my subconscious. don't play play yo. i'm the next Jigsaw (from the movie SAW).

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