Thursday, June 12, 2008

girlfriends vs football

we all know who is likely to win.

i've lost alvin to euro cup for the last week... and there's still two weeks to go. he's lying right next to me, completely knocked out thanks to all the late nights staying up to watch the games.

thank goodness it only comes once every 4 yrs. haha. but then, there's also EPL, champion's league and of course, world cup.

we can never win.

and gullible me, i believed him when he told me at the very beginning, "you will never have to fight EPL for my time." wat utter rubbish. =p

:: edit ::

saturday night, we had a surprise birthday party for yue neng. everyone rocked up in theme - pyjamas @ Ascott.

it was a hilarious night full of borderline gay & lesbian activities. brian cindy bought yue neng a matching set of pyjamas so both of them made it look like an old folks home.

david donned a sarong.
anrie looked ultra hot in her lacy top, boy shorts and a satin robe.
ons & johan looked like they were dressed for Phys Ed in singlets and track pants.
zee rocked up in a towel. (i really thought he just had a shower til i realised he was still in his towel 2 hrs later)
michael was surprisingly boring in a plain shirt and (holey) sleeping shorts.
joanne was rather perturbed that no one would take her seriously in her pink fluffy pyjamas.
audrey was super hot dressed in a man's shirt (and hot pants underneath).
cindy and i wore tank tops and PJ pants.

my laptop is still out being repaired, so no photoshopping for awhile. will post up pics soon when brian's compiled everything from everyone.


Anonymous said...

1. Cindy bought the PJs.
2. Audrey was wearing "my" shirt (dem sex-lah!)
3. put up some pics.. we wanna see what took place in the most haps pajama party in KL last weekendlah

lisha said...

i sit corrected. post edited.

and as for pics.... like i said. wait laaaaahhhh. ish. impatient-nya. =p