Friday, June 13, 2008

party in your jammy

as promised... some of the (many many many) pics. i ain't got no photoshop right now so all the pics are in its original form. aight.

if u want any of the pics removed for good reason, just let me know. there are some priceless moments caught in stills. *grin*


pimpdaddy brian

"let's see if your muscle is still so big when i pull your armpit hair!"

anrie is the hottest photographer

so man!

old folks unite - yue neng & brian

birthday boy & i

david and one of his many 'natural' poses

absolutly alcoholic

we had a mini series in still shots going on. i think it needs no explanation...

the end of mini series

bradders in pyjamas

david's natural pose #215

high-waisted is like, sooooo in right now.

stu, shean, mike, ons, dave, jo, big B & birdbird

me & stu

joanna & b

geisha girl

oh, out comes the tongue again.

poor johan was pinned down and tickled while they all forced him to whistle.

mike & david pretending they're tag heuer models?

the cake says, "happy birthday hunny bunny!"

brian & i


doncha wish you had this many chicks in your bed? joanne, cindy, audrey, me & anrie

yue neng gets a taste of a night in hugh hefner's life

the result of viagra

the result of a penis enlargement

the result of too much alcohol

1 comment:

commonjack said...

eh we weren't tickling johan ok? thats so gay. we were pinching and twisting his nipples...


i stand corrected. :)