Friday, June 20, 2008

oh, rubbish.

my laptop was sent in to be diagnosed and the outcome was somewhat, heartbreaking.

it was not, as i had hoped, a fault of the hard disk but possibly the motherboard gone haywire. which means i would have to fork out about rm1000+ to get it repaired!!

i am well pissed off with myself & toshiba. absolutely pissed. i thought i'd spend a bit more on a laptop so it would last longer and not become obsolete as quick, but nooOOOooo. just under two years and it's decided to retire.

urgh. should've just bought a dell for half the price. so now what? i'm going to get a second opinion before deciding on whether to repair it or just tighten my belt and get myself a macbook instead.

that's not all the bad news. my grandmother has been admitted into hospital for pneumonia. according to my uncle, she's okay. so that's a relief.

am now twiddling my thumbs waiting for alvin to get back from work so we can go visit her. i may be driving now, but that doesn't mean i automatically have GPS installed in my head, yo. and we all know how FANTASTIC my sense of direction is.

*ahem* shaddup.

urbanscapes is happening next weekend. i'm hoping to get free tix if i can. sounds like it'll be quite the happenings.

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