Friday, June 27, 2008

i'm contagious

in a non- flattering way.

my senior was having a look at my label designs when i started hacking away like a dying old lady. everytime i coughed, she inched backwards. one moment she was right behind me and the next, she was two feet away with her hand over her mouth!

"oi. don't spoil my weekend! i don't want to get sick!"
-_- "where's the love, man?" *cough cough*
"ok that's it!! you do the labels yourself. i'm going over there..." she points at her table fifteen feet away, "and we'll have a look at it on monday!" *scampers off*

urbanscapes is tomorrow. not sure if i will be going yet. goddammit this is seriously the wrong time to be broke. the sales are on, junkyard sales popping up everywhere, urbanscapes... *bangs head on wall*

meanwhile, thanks to facebook's bowling buddies, we are having a bowling championship tonight at one utama!!

yes, this is what our lives have come to. getting excited over a night of bowling. three years ago, we would have been prepping up to go out and get smashed skank the night away. but not anymore... age has taken hold and decided to climb on our backs for a long ride.

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