Monday, June 30, 2008

playing house

the new house is looking mighty nice. i must applaud my dad's sense of design. thank god he isn't one for gaudy floral wrought iron gates and lions at the front door.

he once said to me, "a lot of rich chinese have no taste." and it's so true.

i'm sure you've all noticed those ostentatiously huge houses painted in pink with garish looking balconies and greek style columns. not to mention the palace gates that barricade the entrance.

my room however, remains to be an eye sore currently. the damn furniture is built in and not white as i was originally told. well, not completely anyway. it's green and white. with my blue walls.

not the look i was going for. hence, i have decided i will drag someone to help me repaint my furniture white. mwahaha. candidette #1 - my colleague, reza (mr. handyman)

list of things i have yet to get:
- bookshelf
- bedside table
- lamp
- quilt
- frames
- wall decal

speaking of which. i need to find someone who can print wall decals for me.

many many projects to go. fun fun.

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