Thursday, September 11, 2008

click clicking clicked

surfing online these days is just getting far too dangerous for the likes of me and every other shopaholic.

with the copious amount of shopping blogs popping up all over, it's so hard to resist 'just looking'.

of course, many of these sites are utter rubbish. it's kind of like sifting through the shops in sungai wang to find your pieces of treasure. well, after much clicking, i've managed to find a few independent online stores that are bookmark-worthy.


lacquer and lace

neo vintage

the envelopes

ettoffe clothes

shopaholics unite

muff + stit


click click click, and before you know it, your bank account has plummeted dangerously low. and all you have to say to defend yourself is, "ooops. i didn't realise i clicked so much!"

okay. i'm off to meet my cousin for a potential project. i might actually get to use my tablet soon! *happy grin*

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