Saturday, September 20, 2008

jack and jill went up the hill

and i hope i don't come tumbling down like jill did. and i certainly don't want to break my crown like jack did.

i'm going hiking with the Malats to the waterfalls in Hulu Langat. somewhere out in the sticks. i have no idea where it is.

i asked michael if i could get a ride with him. he said yes (not like he has much choice =p).

"confirming time of pick up. 6.45am? groan. apologies in advance if i'm a grumpy bitch. haha"
he promptly replied, "Understood!"

i'm not exactly the morning type of person. but at least, i'm able to participate in minimal conversation now. it used to be just grunts and well... just grunts, really. and death stares.

i just hope this won't happen.

Ons got leeched!

i'll be armed with plenty of food and insect repellent. hopefully it'll be a nice sunny day and maybe, i might finally get a bit of a tan!

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