Wednesday, May 10, 2006

gloom gloom and doom

the title might possibly give you an inkling of my current mood, which is caused by this depressing weather. i hate winter. ABSOLUTELY HAAAATEEE it. unless i'm by a heater, in bed or watching a dvd curled up under a thick quilt.

the most depressing thing is.... winter's only just started. say WHAT?? b..bu..but... it's been cold for aaaagessssss!! well... it's just the beginning. damn.

i've fallen back in love with raymond e. feist once again. i'm addicted like a coke whore. i'm even having dreams of being in the centre of some epic saga. i wake up stiff and tired from the tension and torrent of emotions that i go through in my sleep. it's thoroughly exhausting.

i find my mind constantly wandering to the story and feeling very tempted to pick up the book just for a teeeeny little while. like now.

just a teeny little while.


playtoy said...
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Melvyn said...

Whats new in the Ray E Feist sagas? Did it end with the Shadow of Conclave trilogy? Anyway, hi long time no see if you can remember me :)

lisha said...

hey... are u still in india? you're that melvyn right? ummm i only kept up til the empire trilogy... i've just begun reading right from the start - magician.