Monday, June 26, 2006


i'm sorry but i just HAVE to rant about our dim sum disaster at federal hotel yesterday. i don't know WHY we even went there in the first place. it's shit.

as usual, the song dynasty had our weekly sunday brunch. we, on the kids table, had finished our food and ordered dessert. you know the usual... longan taufu, sai mai lo, etc etc.

three of my cousins ordered the longan taufu. and when they came, we noticed something was missing... LONGANS!! so we thought, okay... maybe they're just hidden under the taufu. everyone starts digging and reports no longans.

i was irked. how can you serve longan taufu, without longans?? so i called this waiter and questioned him, in cantonese, can you believe it?

"excuse me, this is longan taufu, right?"
"yes, it is."
"so, then why are there no longans??" i asked with my eyebrows raised.

he didn't know what to say so he smiled and practically ran in the kitchen to hide. a few minutes later, when it was evident he wasn't coming out, i hailed down one of the senior staff and repeated the same question.

"oh, they forgot to give you longans?" she said with surprise.

she went back into the kitchen and reappeared a few minutes later.... with a little saucer of longans.

"here... you can put them on your taufu," she smiled as if she had come up with a genius solution.

my cousins and i just stared at each other in disbelief. is that woman stupid or what? that's not longan taufu!! that's longan WITH taufu. we then told one of our aunts who again complained. and you know what? this time... they brought a BOWL of longans!!!!!

at that point, i gave up. i decided... i DO NOT EVER WANT TO GO BACK THERE!! if my family wants to go, they can go. but i refuse to be served with such idiocy anymore.

besides... their fung zhao looked like 90 year old chicken feet - dried, wrinkly, tough and tasteless. AND they failed to inform us of their 50% promotion with citibank cards, which really riled up one of my uncles. AND my cousin found a booger-looking thing in her sai mai lo, which really put me off mine.

bye bye federal. you can stick your longans elsewhere.

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