Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i'm sorry doctor!!

so much for abstaining from alcohol. monday night, i went for drinks with old school friends, johan and leo at laundry. at first, i wasn't going to have any. then i thought, what the hell... one drink won't hurt. besides, lychee martinis are basically lychee juice, right? =p

khairul, my ex-neighbour and schoolmate, rocked up as well. by the end of the night, i had 3 lychee martinis and a shot of tequila, courtesy of leo. bastard. fairyjoyce and i had been swapping our tequila horror stories not long before that.

the next day, i paid for disobeying doctor dearest. i spent half the day throwing my guts up, even after everything had come out. i threw up about 9 times. i broke into a frantic sweat as my vision started to black out. but i managed to hold on to consciousness. i could eat nothing for the whole day until dinner time.

i spent the whole day vegetating on the couch. if i stayed any longer, i'd probably start germinating.

well... i learned my lesson. when doctor says no alcohol.... better listen to him. *sigh* mambo is going to be a challenge tonight.


Candidette said...

whos an alcoholic?
ok. maybe not...but rebel rebel!!
*dont get sick sweet ass!*

i remember some ad with rupaul when i was younger about something to with moderation...

lisha said...

well... i thought it was moderate. but my body chucked the biggest fit. result of a disagreement between the brain and the liver.