Monday, June 26, 2006

roving doctor, reptiles and strangulation

last night, i had more bizarre dreams!! in no particular order:

dream #1

noelle and i were in this reptillian centre with huge aquariums filled with snakes and dragons. yea... dragons. who says they're just myths? they're real!! anyway... noelle was obsessing over the snakes... we had a tour guide explaining stuff although i don't remember what.

but yes, noelle was driving me nuts coz she kept making me look at all these squirming snakes and squealing over how she wanted one. then came the little dragons and she wanted to pat them... while they were trying to bite her hand off. but she seemed completely oblivious to it. the tour guide was trying to explain that they don't make good pets and can't be trained not to bite, but all advice fell on deaf ears.

no... no snakes or dragons noelle.

then suddenly... we were in a nursery with the tour guide. and we were ooh-ing and ah-ing over orchids, tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums... what the hell?

dream #2

i needed to see a doctor. apparently, to see the doctor, people have to wait on the corner of la trobe street for a person from the clinic to appear with a sign saying ANGEL. and they would wait until there was a group of people before taking them into the clinic where we had to fill a form. and while waiting, there was this really ANNOYING indian guy who wouldn't stop talking to me so i ran across the street with trams and cars ready to knock into me. he was THAT annoying.

finally it was time to go into the clinic and everyone had to wait in this canteen-looking area. people were swapping stories and excuses as to why they needed a medical certificate. then we all hopped into this car where the doctor drove us around until we came near to someone's house where he would go treat them. we ended up near my grandmother's house, but i couldn't for the life of me remember what street number she was on.

i tried calling my uncle and he picked up. so i asked him what the address was and he said he couldn't remember. the doctor kept asking me to hurry up coz we were still circling the area. my uncle kept blubbering and pausing and i started yelling at him and he started crying. and he said my grandmother was in trouble.

somehow it turned out my uncle's daughter and my grandmother had died. and i had this picture of a dragon being strangled by a baby snake.

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