Thursday, June 15, 2006

i am surrounded by random people

jet just messaged me on gmail. he's supposed to be studying hard for his exam tomorrow.

Jet: baby baby!!!
you know what happened
i have been eating this box of the gobstopper candies..
then there was only one left so i tipped the box so the last one came out/./
and guess what fell out as well after it..
me: huh
Jet: a small pink nerd candy!!!!
Jet: hahaha
you know nerds?
by the same company wonka candies?
it must have jumped across the production lines.. and made its way onto the gobstopper line and jumped into the box hehe
k.. back to reading
Sent at 2:10 PM on Thursday
me: baby...
only you could get so excited over a nerd candy in a gobstopper box
Jet: yea la its funny... how did it get there?
it was a high achiever nerd
me: uh huh... -_-
Sent at 2:13 PM on Thursday

u can scroll down...

i swear. he's like a 5 yr old.

and then just this afternoon, my dad took me to eat pan mee (WOOHOOOO!!) and he was as usual talking about how useless and spoilt our generation is, ra ra ra. and he was talking about how good his memory is and how he can still remember phone numbers from 40 yrs ago.

"you know how i used to remember phone numbers?"
"each number, i would imagine it in the shape of a woman or man's body."
"last time, phone numbers were only 6 digits. so if the number is 323668, i imagine 32 is the woman's chest, 36 is the waist and 68 is the buttocks."

-_- that's a mighty big ass.


Candidette said...

what you got against big asses huh? HUH?

lisha said...

68" of butt is rather extreme.

Candidette said...

I'll probably hit 8" in like 2 months. I'll explode. My butt will have its own gravity.