Friday, June 30, 2006

vows are meant to be broken

so i went to mambo @ velvet with ally, bryan, alice, jackie and TY to find that we had been placed at one of the SHITTEST tables.. right at the back where people were constantly pushing through and the table was about the size of a toilet bowl. it was then that i learnt there were different classes of tables. and we were in C reserve.

thankfully, phil the ogre had a table in the usual spot so we hopped over and plopped ourselves comfortably in what i now know as A reserve.

stupid right. it's a club la. not a theatre.

i had pre-warned everyone about my not being able to drink, to save energy and time later on from having to fend off alcos trying to feed me alcohol. correction - psychotic alcos. so i started sipping on coke, trying to psychologically pump myself up.

i started chanting to myself in my head - "i don't need alcohol to have fun. i don't need alcohol to have fun. i don't need alcohol to have fun."

then ally ordered two lychee martinis... and that was it. my willpower disappeared with a big POOF!! but i was good. i sipped very, very, very slowly... while alice gave me disapproving looks. and then the skanking began...!!

drunk bitches skanking everywhere, falling all over the place, spilling whisky on unsuspecting victims, trigger happy fingers - the elements that make up a great mambo night. i had great fun despite being completely sobre and i found it quite refreshing. although, my feet didn't share the same sentiment. they were screaming for a numbing agent.

next week... cam and jin min will be back and i'm looking forward to it. woohoo!

all photos are with ally. i have not been taking out my ancient bigass camera for fear of knocking innocent bystanders out with the bloody thing. plus, it won't fit in a clutch. if you are rolling in cash (especially with the world cup!!) and are feeling generous... you could sponsor me with a new compact digital camera. =D and if not, well.... can't blame a girl for trying. heh.


a||y said...

Wheeee... it was so much fun! Did u know that psycho bitch alice bit me?! I have a big MOFO war wound to show you... it's quite a work of art really! Anyways... sorry if i spilled anything / stepped on you... i'll try to behave myself at the next mambo!

lisha said...

yes i know. you were screaming and cursing alot over that bite. it looked pretty nasty. -_- vicious women.

it's ok. you made up for everything with the skanking and molesting. =D