Friday, June 30, 2006

no longer straight

no. i haven't suddenly decide to bat for the other side. jet would have a heart attack, the poor dear. or at least, i would like to think he would.


i got my hair done today. finally... after several years of wondering whether or not i should, i finally took the plunge. plus, i had to wait for my hair to grow a little longer.


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i like it. it's a refreshing change from having had straight hair that doesn't want to be straight... all my life. now it's got an excuse not to be straight.

okay... enough parading. time to go to laundry, and be part of the crowd that zombifies in front of the big screen watching sweaty grown men chase after a scruffy white ball. and celebrate pat's bachelor status for the next week!!


The Nomadic Ink Slinger said...

Ohhh... I likes...!!!

Candidette said...

roowwwrrrrr HOT!

eDz said...

Dang girl, you did exactly what I did to my hair! LOL. 1 week later and it's nearly straight again *sob*!

lisha said...

bambi & mish: thanks babes. wish it'd stay like that!

mine's gone straight the next day!!! i need to get some hair products for curls... and i'm praying it'll keep the curls coz otherwise i just wasted my money!! =(

Candidette said...

oh its not staying like that? can i interpret that as you were for ONE NIGHT ready to bat for the other side and I WASNT THERE TO AT LEAST TAKE ADVANTAGE?? OMG OMG OMG!

oh if you want to take care of your curls and maintain them without blow drying try using the John Freida Frizz Ease which you can use sans hairdryer to keep curls without flyaways.

Listen to me. I should do endorsements.
but yeah. i used to use it when my hair was curly.

lisha said...

awesome. thanks babes. i just found out today from another hair salon that i'm actually not supposed to wash my hair for the first two days after perming!!

gotta call the salon back and see if they'll fix it for free. hmmph.