Monday, August 21, 2006

overactive mind

what a long night filled with strange dreams. it mostly revolved around bali. i want to go back to bali. for a third time. and fourth. and fifth. hell why not just move there. back to my dreams...

it started off with angela and i planning a trip to sydney by taking either a train or doing a road trip. somehow we ended up in bali, revisiting places we had supposedly been to before. there was a whole row of resorts that were abandoned and this particular temple-like place that was half immersed in water. it was like being at an archaelogical site. ummm.... it's not a tsunami dream, so bali's safe, right?

moving on... michael popped into the dream. he was supposed to meet some tribal group the night before, but he stood them up. so they made him fight their best warrior. he was very savage looking. all ripped and toned with scars all over his face and crooked teeth. yeah... definitely not the type of guy you see on Men's Health magazine. so anyway, he chased michael up this tree. even the tree was weird, but i won't bother trying to describe it. they leapt up and up and up like monkeys. i couldn't bear to watch. i suffer from vertigo.

suddenly michael was squatting back on the ground, so i went over to see if he was alright. as i walked over, i realised he was taking a huge big shit with his ass facing us and the shit coming out. -_- thanks for the visual, mike.

later on, i was in a hotel room with chucky and alda's band who were practicing for a gig. chucky was in charge of lighting while alda, funnily enough was NOT the bassist. he was playing some tribal drum thing. the music was actually quite cool.... it was sort of like a fusion of jazz and STOMP beats. i was about to video them practicing when alda suddenly points at me.

"are you recording us?"
"err.. yes."
"what are you going to do with that recording?"
"err keep it on my computer."
"you can't just simply record bands and post them online ok."
"umm... okaaayyy."

kena scolding. *sniff*

so yeah. there were other bits and pieces as well... but they don't really make much sense in context. snooker, champagne, spa booking, warung made, seminyak, coffee shop.... random stuff.

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alda said...

holy crap.

that does sound like me...