Friday, August 25, 2006

packed and ready to go!!

while everyone is out skanking away at the opening night of the beach club... i've been packing all my shit ready to jump on the plane!!

i'm scoffing down tom yum noodles now. packing made me hungry. and i just realised... it's not the best thing to eat while having a fuck-off dry cough. shit. it's going to agitate it and everyone on the plane will be giving me death stares while i hack my lungs out onto the eating tray.

good thing it's a day flight.

oh yea... guess what. i managed to canoodle my way out of genting and am now going to penang instead. yay!! i feel terrible for ditching my family, but really, the last thing i want to do while trying to escape winter's cold hands is go for a trip to genting. and genting's no fun coz i don't gamble... in casinoes.

yes yes... i know. penang beaches are shitty thanks to unsustainable tourism. but hey... like i said. i'm DESPERATE for some sun, sand and sea.

sun for tanning.

sand for avoiding getting it into ass crack.

sea for looking at while the sun beams happily over it.

i don't actually like swimming in salt water. everyone thought i was mad when i first moved to ki because i declared my preference of chlorine water over sea water. i remember the look of ridicule i'd get from the islanders.

hey you grew up in sea water, i grew up in chlorine water, okay? same shit, different taste.

toodles melbourne and my fellow pimps, skanks & hos!! see you in a few weeks!! *waves goodbye*


Wimal said...

"hey you grew up in sea water, i grew up in chlorine water, okay? same shit, different taste."


alda said...

dont forget to buzz....

spankylily said...

gonna miss u babes :)