Wednesday, September 13, 2006

enough is enough


this is where i draw the line.

i looked at myself in the mirror sideways today.... and i look five months pregnant. NO FUCKING JOKE!!

combination of water retention + gas + supper every night + no exercise

so tomorrow... i am DEFINITELY going for kickboxing. i don't know if i can quit having suppers... i think i'm addicted to food. ADDICTED. like crackheads to cocaine. ADDICTED.

i'm wearing a vest today... and it's harnessing my belly in. the vest is hanging on to dear life as the buttons threaten to pop any moment. i should've bought an S instead of an XS.
then again... maybe not, coz i'd just let my belly grow bigger.

okay okay... enough about my belly now. i can sense some people wanting to grab my head and ram it against the wall to shut me up.


all those guilty faces staring at the screen.

that... or you're secretly dancing in ur chairs in joy. bitches.

i'm at my godmother's place now. it's a madhouse. it always is a madhouse, but today, it's beyond mad. my godsister, eda, is leaving for UK tomorrow to study and the house is being packed up for renovations. i get a headache just thinking about it. it's huuuuuugeeee!!

i'm glad it ain't me.


nenamoesha said...

ok u sound really scary with your supper addiction! belly competition with me ar? haha.. go work out go! =D

Anonymous said...