Friday, September 15, 2006


i finally did it!!

i dragged my ass for kickboxing. cam and dave went for trials, while phil and i went for class. i was afraid i'd forgotten everything... after a 7 month lapse.

i'm so sore now, i feel like i went snowboarding!!

i had the WEIRDEST FUCKING dream last night.

a woman, disguised as someone else, watched as a group of terrorists chopped up an arab man's body into pieces and wrapped them in a piece of canvas before throwing it into a wooden chest to burn.

the woman revealed herself and she stepped into the chest and sat on top of the body to burn with it. she wanted to make a statement of defiance. some other woman joined her and i thought, heck, i want to make a statement too and burn to death with these women.

so we sat there, talking, while waiting for the flames to lick our flesh. for some reason, i wouldn't seem to catch on fire... but the other two women did. it was a very slow process and i asked them what it felt like. they said it was just a matter of getting used to the heat... sort of like getting into a tub of scalding hot water.

i skulled down some wine while waiting for the fire to burn me. it was getting hot, but not burning hot. eventually, both women had already been burnt to death and i was still sitting there waiting. alvin came along and tried to talk me out of doing it.

but i said i wanted to make the statement and i couldn't run away like a coward.

"you want to make a statement? i'll take a picture of you now, and we can send it in to The Star. you might even win rm50."


tell me that's not one of the weirdest dreams.

tonight - carlsberg free flow event. i'm going to be the most sober person there. no more beer for me. uh uh. *shaking head violently*

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