Monday, August 13, 2007

a new chapter

my dad is a mystery to me.

last sunday, i talked to my dad and he mentioned that he was looking at some houses. after three weeks of not being home, i finally went back to stay over the weekend. and what do i know. i found out we've sold our house and bought a new one.

how the hell did that happen?

"we make decisions fast," my stepmother said.

no kidding.

"i took your sister to see the house on saturday. i liked it, so i brought your father to have a look at it on sunday. on monday, we wrote the cheque."
"wah. it's like you're buying shoes."

at first, i was a little upset because i've barely had time to really settle into this house and i really like the way it's been done up. nothing ostentatious. simple, homely yet tasteful. two thumbs up to my dad for someone who's never done any design.

but after going over to see the new house, i'm filled with excitement and my head's bubbling with all sorts of ideas for the new place. wood. glass. plants. louvres. white. green. stone slabs.

i can't wait to get started! my dad and i spent the whole day yesterday poring over ideas, surfing websites and flipping through magazines. fun fun fun!

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