Sunday, August 19, 2007

birthday kiss for luscious lips

big birthday kiss to one of my favourite women (of which i have very few of). hope you had a blast! and i have no doubt you are regretting every single drop of alcohol you have had. that's usually a sign of a good night, or several, in your case.

i dug up some pics but only found a few good ones. i still haven't taken all my photos from my old hard drive. here's to the good old times! i miss you, my lovely skank.

we bonded at sasha

the beginning of our skanking times @ next blue

sultry seductress luscious lips

your last birthday @ boulevard...

my two lovelies - ally & cam

we skanked at publicity

you looked absolutely gorgeous on your special day

i'm so glad i have you as a friend.

who else:
- lets me grab her boobies?
- makes me laugh like you do with all your angry bangriness?
- kisses like you do? =p
- parties like there's no tomorrow even now in married life?
- is a good listener and gives good, honest advice (though the truth can sometimes hurt)?

i think i speak for many when i say you're one of a kind, and you'll always be my ally.

ok. this is starting to sound a bit lesbian-ish. haha. much love!


a||y said...

I love you long time, lady joiner! *muaks*... thanks for the b'day wishes... wish you were here to skank with! Miss you heaps babes!

lisha said...

come back quick! =) my skanking skills are getting rusty.