Thursday, August 23, 2007

the hens played in bangkok

this is long overdue. luscious ally has finally posted up photos of our hen's trip to bangkok on her multiply. here's a quick preview...

day 1
phil and i arrived at the hotel and met up with bryan and ally for dinner. they got there a day earlier so they played scouts and found this cool place down the road from our hotel.

gorgeous restaurant with two levels. the lower level serves fusion italian while upstairs, you get to hit the taste buds with thai food. they serve great mojitas too!

chubby me with ally, phil and bryan before cam&dave arrived on the flight after mine.

as alcoholics will be alcoholics, they decided mojitos weren't enough. we adjourned to Q bar which also happened to be down the road from our hotel, as well as Bed Supper Club.

i made a HUGE mistake. i went back to the hotel to change into a top, shorts and heels. BAD MOVE. i ended up looking like a thai lady joiner (hence the lady joiner banner). everyone else seemed to find it amusing. i got stared up and down by almost every other thai guy we walked past.

so can you imagine what it felt like, walking into a bar filled with white men? white men who are looking to pick up thai chicks?

i clung on to phil like a bad smell.

"don't let me out of your sight!"

sexophil not only makes a good bodyguard. he makes a pretty good bartender too!

the DFSes reunited in bangkok!

after Q bar closed, we moved on to another place. i think it was called poppy... but i'm probably wrong. it was super dodgy. like going to a school dance where everyone wants to pick up or get picked up.

phil looking annoyed with this invasion of his drinking time.

lady joiners

it might not look like it, but phil literally had to pick me up and force me to get up on the podium with ally and cam.

male joiner!

this guy is the most awesome skank ever. EVER. he has to be gay. no straight man dances like that. it was like watching porn. since it was cam's hen's trip, we dared her to go up to him and give him some thai baht for a personal dance. so she did.

so that's day one. i'm too sleepy to continue. i've been scrabbling on facebook for almost FOUR HOURS!! oh god. facebook is evil.


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