Sunday, August 19, 2007

bizarro weekend

yesterday, jen and i went to the office to get some work done... only to find out that they were shutting off the electricity for maintenance work. so after scoffing down bak kut teh which my boss had packed for me, i decided i needed a nap.

so, home i went to nap like a retired old man.

then i had to go for TJ's housewarming at his spanking new apartment, which i must say, was quite tastefully decorated. not by him, of course. that's what women are for. jen and i got a call from our colleague, chen, saying he didn't know where the place was. we, being typical girls with directions, told him it'd be better for him to ask TJ.

one hour later, chen still hadn't called or arrived. he didn't pick up his phone.

"where the hell is that boy?"
"i think he's sesat."

two hours later, he calls TJ.

"i can see your apartment on the left."
"huh? but my apartment is on the right!"

chen hung up.

"that boy is damn sesat. i don't know where the hell he is," tj announced.

half an hour later, chen finally rocks up.

"where the hell have you been? sesat ar?"
"umm... a bit."
"it took u two and a half hours to get here!"
"three, actually."
"why didn't u just ask for directions?"
"never mind la. i thought since i haven't driven around KL in awhile, i would drive around and see."


for three hours?? i work with some strange people.

after that, alvin and i went to marketplace to celebrate edmund's birthday. everyone was supposed to be there by 9.30pm to surprise him. eunice smsed us at 10:30pm.

"where are you wei?"
"we'll be there around 11.3opm."
"there's no one here!"

oh shit. poor eunice and the birthday boy had to wait for everybody to get there. wat a surprise it turned out to be.

*sigh* back to the office today. hope it gets bombed or something.

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