Friday, August 17, 2007

or si pei si (big shit, nose shit)

are u kidding me?

three campaigns in less than a week? no. you are not kidding. work never kids. clients never kid.


and on top of that, we need to submit an initiative by next week in preparation for the kancil awards.

one word. SCREWED. this is going to be me soon...

"wat's that next to the printer?"
"that looks like.... feet. those shoes look familiar!"
"hey... isn't that alysia's ugly feet?"
"yea, you're right. what's she doing??"
"the poor thing. she was drowning in work last week."
"u think she did it?"
"probably. maybe she tried to chew and swallow all the trashy visuals."
"that's sad. killed by your own art."
"oh well. we better get going. we're late for our client's meeting!"

sorry cam. looks like no tennis this weekend. and yet another week, my box of stuff gets to live at your place. haha.

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