Wednesday, August 15, 2007

conspire to inspire

i've been obssessing over interior books, magazines and websites over the last few days. my favourite eye candy especially are ohjoy and poppytalk.

a few ideas have been forming in my head and it's all so wonderful and different, i don't know what direction to go with for my room!

i love these wallpapers i found at interiors. love love love.

not to mention, i've had this HUGE obssession with birdcages for ages and ages. specially white birdcages. i know it's so overdone now, but it hasn't killed my love for it. i still want one. or two. or a whole house full. and look what ohjoy posted up not long ago!

gorgeous... GORGEOUS birdcages from horchow that i simply adore. i want them all!

and a couple more things which i found through poppytalk.

i love the simple, clean look of this room. just subtle touches of a little something different here and there. it reminds me of a sun room where i can just laze around in warmth and coziness with some books and some nice jazz in the background. i know... it sounds so pretentious.

okay, time to go home and look for some photos for REAL work. the internet at work is chugging violently. dial-up would be faster than this. i bet someone's downloading porn. dirty bastards.


* Dream Weaver * said...

I love the bedroom. Somehow when I look at it I think of the seaside. The birdcages are also so pretty :) I obssess over interior stuff too but I can't do anything till I get my own place *hmph* But its to imagine anyways :)

lisha said...

*sigh* long time more before i can afford my own place. i'm definitely in the wrong line of work.

* Dream Weaver * said...

Tell me about it.
At times I feel like a church mouse. *sniffles*
Well bigger and better things for me to come and hopefuuly my new job (whatever it may be) will pay me wayyyyyy wayyyyy more!