Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merrilicious christmas

i haven't had a good christmas since i was a kid. this year, i did.

i can't believe it's over already. i love christmas for the christmas carols, food fests, gift shopping, wrapping, giving & receiving presents and most of all, the gatherings.

what made this christmas good:
- receiving cool presents eg. polaroid camera - thanks G!!
- preparing christmas eve dinner
- christmas shopping with my baby
- costume parties
- excessive eating

i don't think i've ever had so much lamb in so little time. not complaining. not complaining at all!!

new year's coming up next. no one seems to have any solid plans. wat to do, wat to do?

how do couples decide who to celebrate new years with? his friends or her friends? i'm always celebrating occasions with his side. when's it my turn?


woofworks said...

host ur own party his friends and urs can hangout togtehr gether! make everyone pay covercharge!

beow said...

you have friends?

lisha said...

woofworks: good point.

beow: shaddup. aren't u my friend? haha. just coz you're overseas...