Saturday, December 15, 2007

busy little bee

for once in my life, i can't wait for christmas to be over.

every year, our company throws a christmas party.

every year, a group of people are selected to be part of the committee responsible for organising the party.

but this year, we were only given two weeks to organise the entire she-bang. i was unfortunate enough to have been selected to be part of the committee in charge of decorations and design.

having to:
- work full days
- put up christmas decorations in 3 offices
- attend committee meetings every other day
- design teaser cards
- gather materials for the party venue deco
- shoot a video for the opening gambit
- write a script (because i was also chosen to MC) AND
- figure out a costume to wear

is bloody exhausting. kinda makes you dread christmas. 4 more days till the party. it'd be a lot more fun if we had more time to organise things (and moolah too!)

i'm rather worried about the MC-ing part. this is the girl who gets nervous and blanks out when she has to present to just three people. what if i blurt out something stupid like, "well we all know the boss is a conman who can't drink but pretends to anyway. and he talks big for someone so small."

that would be really career limiting.

finally went for a shoot this morning with jacky and his friend pete, after months of procrastination. i have a new found admiration for models. it's not as easy as it looks.


oh. time to go!! going to bar club for a night out with fellow saggitarians. =D

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