Sunday, December 16, 2007

i'm not drinking... for a year.

thanks to ty, mili and dave.

cam, dave, mili, ty, alvin, paul, clarence and i went to bar club. i'm guessing the owner couldn't think of a name.

the combination of champagne, whisky, tequila, some apple liqeur shots and a flaming led to my rapid downfall. by the end of the night, i had to cling on to alvin so i wouldn't fall flat on my face.

"don't let me sit down."
"because... if i sit down, i'm going to pass out."

ty was a darling and hosed down the toilet for me so i could share my dinner contents with the toilet bowl.

i had a great night. thanks all!!

alvin and i were talking about getting a jigsaw puzzle to keep ourselves entertained.

he: "where are we going to put the jigsaw puzzle?"
me: "what do you mean?"
he: "like when the kids come over."
me: "huh? just shove it under the bed."
he: "how?"
me: "the jigsaw puzzle comes with a frame, right. you just put all the pieces on the framed board and move it la."
he: *amused look* "only the kids puzzles come with frames, okay."
me: "oh. *pause* really? well that's how long it's been since i've done a jigsaw puzzle!"

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