Monday, December 10, 2007

taste of japan

alvin won a voucher for a 2D 1N stay at Palace of the Golden Horses months and months ago, so we decided to use it this weekend.

truthfully, i was expecting a small, old, dingy room dressed with the bare neccessities. we were pleasantly surprised. it was an old but big room with a huge king sized bed, big bathroom and amongst the complimentary toiletries they provided - was shoe shine.

kind of indicates that they gave us a business suite. that, plus the executive desk in the corner of the room.

but the room is really nothing to shout about. it's the japanese restaurant downstairs that alvin and i have fallen in love with. we decided to go for the buffet at kin no uma. it's rm69+ per head. not much more than rakuzen, but the food is fresher, better, tastier.

and because it's all the way out in the mines, it's quieter. so you don't have to fight the crowd for that piece of sashimi. the good thing is, they only prepare a few at a time, so you never have to pick up a piece of sushi that's been sitting there for hours while the rice becomes rock hard and the fish looks like it's half-rotten.

the oysters. oh my god. the oysters are huge. i regret not taking my camera. i guess you'll just have to go and see for yourself. totally recommended.

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