Sunday, January 27, 2008

school reunion

what was supposed to be a chill out and catch up night with ridzwan, ended up in us going to velvet and unwittingly being part of a high school reunion.

all the samad rascals gathered in a crowded room; ridzwan, justin, collin, hisham, marcus, kok soong, megat johan, leonard..... and then there was me.

the rose amongst the thorns. or so, i'd like to believe. haha.

hisham, justin, johan, chin chan (don't remember him) and ridzwan sucking collin's dickiebird

hisham is now on mix fm.
justin is doing what he loves most - being paid to drink and party as a zouk ambassador - whilst continuing his studies.
ridzwan is working as in logistics.
and collin is still reshmonu's slave, i think.

it was nice to see so many old faces. brought back many memories for me mostly because i was the only one who left early to go over to australia. in a way, i think i was a familiar stranger to some of them.

collin was always the tall one. justin... kinda shot up like jack's beanstalk.

camwhoring with collin

but i had my two rascals to babysit me, so all was good.

not only was there a high school reunion. it just so happened they were good friends with a couple of my primary school friends. -_- KL is just too small.

i poked ridzwan. "hey, he looks damn familiar! is that azrul?"
"yea, it is!"
"shit. he's from my cempaka!"

then johan comes along.

"hey, this is rik. rik, this is alysia."
shazrik and i looked at each other, then laughed at johan. "we were in primary school together."

out of the blue, johan introduced me to another guy.

"alysia, this is lion."
i stoned. "i'm sorry. what?"
i looked at the guy. "lion??"
"yea. as in meowwwrrr," he said as he imitated a pussy cat with big paws.

i didn't quite know what to say to that, so i just smiled politely. poor guy must have parents with a wicked sense of humour.

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