Sunday, January 27, 2008

driving phobia

everyone who knows me, knows i don't drive. or try very hard not to.

the thought of it stresses me out and i start to feel anxious. i wondered if it could be classified as a phobia, and if there was such thing as a driving phobia. there's phobias for everything these days.

so i googled 'driving phobia'.
  • You have the fear that you may lose control and cause an accident YUP

  • You are afraid to drive on congested town roads YUP

  • The fear is so intense that you become confused and fail to take the correct action HASN'T HAPPENED YET

  • You avoid driving in heavy traffic areas YUP

  • You don’t feel like driving in poor weather conditions YUP

  • You avoid joining motorways YUP

  • You are completely tensed while you are about to approach junctions, roundabouts and the vistas of numerous lanes YUP

  • You don’t want to go out of the house and make excuses for not driving OH DEFINITELY YES

  • While you drive, you feel tremendously anxious and uncomfortable YUP

i remember when we were teenagers and all my friends were dying to get their license so they could drive around on their own. i was never one of them. the longer i didn't have to drive, the better.

six years after taking my driving test, and i'm still a useless driver.

i think, if i don't die of a heart attack due to high cholesterol, i'll probably die in a car crash. worse still, is if i don't die and survive an accident with permanent brain damage.

aren't i just full of sunshine?

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* Dream Weaver * said...

I have the same phobia as you too... I HATE driving!