Friday, February 01, 2008

big decisions. big headache.

passion or money?

the answer's pretty obvious right? usually it'd be passion, of course. it'd be simple to decide if there weren't other factors involved.

like time. like career. like my PR.

eerrrgh. but after a week of churning it over and over in my head, i'm leaning towards passion. thanks to will who gave me a very inspiring speech.

an opportunity to do something which i have passion is something that may not come by very often. money can always come later. before i moved back here, i wouldn't have thought twice about it. but living in an asian society, i find the materialism and money-mindedness is rubbing off on me.

if i chose the money, i know i would also be giving up any life i have now to be able to spend it. which, kind of defeats the purpose, no?

watever it is, my decision now lies in the hands of the immigration department.

my PD trip got cancelled thanks to our company's fuck up. we were told we had to go to singapore on thursday for a workshop, so we decided to cancel the trip to PD on friday.

turns out... it wasn't 31st january. it was 21st february!! -_-

my rashes have flared up like crazy over the last week. i've been dousing myself with cider vinegar everyday as advised by my beauty queen godmother. seems to help more than the medicated creams given by the skin doctor. and cider vinegar is a whole lot less expensive.

i'm just crossing my fingers they will miraculously disappear before my trip to krabi next week!

otherwise... u can call me dotty.

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