Thursday, February 28, 2008

back at the t-junction

tomorrow is my last income earning day before i become an official bum. i'll live on bread and water and when i can't even afford that, i'll have to start eating my car.

i went for an interview on tuesday. my first REAL interview. it was nerve wrecking. you know that feeling before you go on stage to do a public speech? i had that feeling ALL day before the interview.

everytime i thought i about it, my heart jumped to my throat and got stuck there before sliding back down.

the interview went well though. they said they liked me.

unfortunately... being a small design house, they can't pay me what i'm currently earning.

so why am i still thinking about it? because i love the work they do. i love their working environment. i agree with their philosophy and i can see myself doing lots of interesting projects with them. plus, i think i'll learn so much more and be able to build my folio.

once again. passion vs money. that seems to be the theme of this year.

some pics from krabi.

the hot springs

the river below the hot springs

nature's own pool - the emerald pool

my daddy!

daddy & the kids

travelling feet

my stepmum and kids

ao nang beach looks nice in pictures. but is a huge disappointment in real life. the sand was made out of coarse ground shells. it was only about 20m from the top to the water. and it wasn't very long either.

apparently the nicer beach is railay. i'm aiming to go back to krabi and hop to koh phangan and koh samui.

oh. another thing. don't bother staying at maritime park hotel. it was an absolute con. it's old and rundown, the service was lousy and it's 20 mins away from the beach!

back to pondering on life decisions.

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