Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i got the big chop

nine years i held on.

nine years is a long time to hold on for. so i decided it was time to let go. i got it all chopped off.

i impulsively decided i needed a change of hairstyle. fei asked me how short i wanted it and i indicated just below my shoulder.

"how long has it been since you cut your hair short?"
"ummm... eight or nine years?"
"WAT?! ok i'm going to cut your hair til here," he pointed at my chin.
*sharp breath and exhale* "okay."

he motioned for a rubberband and tied my hair before hacking away a good 20cm of my hair. when the deed was done, he dangled it in the air to show me. i surprised myself by not freaking out. it was kind of liberating.

no regrets.

and no, i have not had my heart broken, broken up with alvin or just come out of depression.

one more day to CNY eve. three days to krabi.

and i'm pissed off. i think my period is coming. and my rashes haven't entirely disappeared.

damn it. no beach body for me then.


Anonymous said...

did u gt a bob hair cut? any photos? jz curious.

lisha said...

soon soon. =)